Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

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Autodesk Vault Pro Server Free Download

There are three types of Vault Server installations: the Quick Start Single Site, a Customized Single Site, and a Multi-Site installation. Follow the instructions for your server installation type.

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

What Is the Autodesk Vault Server?

The Autodesk Vault server is the database server that works in conjunction with Autodesk Vault clients. The server keeps all design and documentation files in a common, secure, and centralized location and manages access to that data. It provides users with access to their files and maintains information about the status of those files and which users have permission to change and update the files. When changes are made to files, a complete version history of all changes is maintained, providing a convenient mechanism for accessing the latest versions as well as previous versions.

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

The Autodesk Vault server requires Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Before the server is installed, a check is performed to verify the presence of IIS.

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

What Can I Install with the Vault Server Installation Media?

Use the Vault Server installation media to install any of the following applications and components:

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

The Revit Plug-in for Vault Professional (Server) allows Vault to deeply index Revit family files, including parameters and objects, so that you can search Revit family files with the Revit Vault Add-in.

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

The Revit Interoperability add-in is installed during the Vault Server installation. You must customize the Vault Server options to include Revit interoperability on the Configure Installation screen.

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download


Once you install Revit Interoperability, the Revit Indexing feature must be enabled in the Autodesk Data Management Server Console before you can use Revit Family Search.

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

Enable Revit Indexing with the ADMS Console

  1. Launch the ADMS Console.
  2. Right-click on the Vault that you want to index for Revit Family Search and select Revit Indexing Service.You can also select Revit Indexing Service from the Actions menu.
  3. On the Revit Indexing Service dialog, select Yes, enable the Revit Indexing Service.guid-b67ff7ce-c755-4d69-9396-665859573bd0-4097960
  4. Click OK to save your selection.Note: The Vault Server starts indexing objects in family files. Depending on the number of family files in the vault, the initial indexing could take some time.You can now use Revit Family Search on the Load from Vault dialog.

The Autodesk Vault Thin Client lets users view files in a vault using a web browser.

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

  1. On a machine where a Vault Server is already installed, launch the Vault Server installation software.
  2. Click Install Tools and Utilities.
  3. Accept the License and Services Agreement and click Next.
  4. Select Autodesk Vault Thin Client if it is not already selected.
  5. If you want to customize your IIS Configuration, click the drop-down arrow beneath the Autodesk Vault Thin Client option and make your changes. Close the customization panel when you are finished.
  6. If you want to install Vault Office functionality for the Thin Client, select the Vault Office server option.
  7. Click Install to begin the installation.

Autodesk Vault Pro Server 2019 Free Download

Installation Notes

The following browsers are supported with Thin Client 2020.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer® 11
  • If ADMS is installed on a Custom IIS Port, the Thin Client cannot use that custom port or the Default IIS Port. In that case, the Thin Client must be installed using another IIS Port.
  • If ADMS is installed on the Default IIS Port, the Thin Client can also be installed on the same Default IIS Port or on another IIS Port.
  • If you are upgrading Autodesk Thin Client from a previous version of Vault and need a reference of the existing web.config file, be sure to back up the original web.config file (located in AutodeskVault Thin Client 20XX folder).
  • If you are upgrading Autodesk Thin Client from a previous release to the current release, you must uninstall the previous version before installing the new version.
  • Autodesk Design Review works only for IE x32 browsers. IE x64 browsers are not supported.
  • To view visualization files in Autodesk Thin Client using Internet Explorer, Autodesk Design Review Desktop must be installed on the client machine.

Autodesk Vault Office provides Vault functionality for use within Microsoft Office applications to connect to a Vault server.

Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional users must have the Vault Office Server installed to perform read/write tasks with the thin client, including add files, check in files, and check out files. Without the Vault Office Server installed, users can only review data in the Vault with the thin client.

Autodesk Vault Office also provides a Vault Office thick client for non-CAD documents users.

Vault Office Supported Applications

Installation Overview

Autodesk Vault Office is part of the main Vault Server and Client installations.

There are three major parts to the Vault Office installation process. Be sure to follow the instructions in each section to ensure a successful Vault Office installation.

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