Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit Free Download

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit , System requirements for Autodesk 3ds Max 2020

Program Name: Autodesk 3ds Max
Description: A program to design 3D drawings professionally. 64 bit
Version: 2020.3.2
Core Type: (64Bit)
Size: 4,0 GB

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020.3.2 64 Bit

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System requirements for Autodesk 3ds Max 2020

System requirements for Autodesk 3ds Max 2020

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 software is supported on the following 64-bit operating systems and at a minimum, requires a system with the following 64-bit hardware:

Operating SystemMicrosoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Professional operating system

Autodesk recommends the latest version of the following web browsers for access to online supplemental content:

  • Microsoft® Edge
  • Google Chrome™
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer®
  • Mozilla® Firefox®
CPU64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
Graphics HardwareRefer to 3ds Max Certified Hardware for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards
RAM4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB or more recommended)
Disk Space9 GB of free disk space for install
Pointing DeviceThree-button mouse

Autodesk is not responsible for errors or failures of Autodesk software arising from the installation of updates, extensions or new releases issued by third party hardware or software vendors for the certified software or hardware identified in this article (or for any other third party software or hardware that you may use in connection with Autodesk products).

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Keyboard Shortcut Tables

The following tables provide a master reference for all default keyboard shortcuts included with Max 2020.1 and higher.

Main UI Hotkeys Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit

Main UIAsset Tracking SystemAsset Tracking ToggleShift+T
Main UIEditAlignAlt+A
Main UIEditCloneCtrl+V
Main UIEditDelete ObjectsDel
Main UIEditFetchCtrl+Alt+F
Main UIEditHoldCtrl+H
Main UIEditNormal AlignAlt+N
Main UIEditRedo Scene OperationCtrl+Y
Main UIEditTransform Type-In Dialog ToggleF12
Main UIEditUndo Scene OperationCtrl+Z
Main UIEditable Polygon ObjectExtrude Face (Poly)Alt+Shift+E
Main UIEditable Polygon ObjectGrow Selection (Poly)Ctrl+PgUp, Ctrl+Up
Main UIEditable Polygon ObjectIgnore Backfacing Toggle (Poly)Alt+Shift+X
Main UIEditable Polygon ObjectSelect Sub-object LoopAlt+L
Main UIEditable Polygon ObjectSelect Sub-object RingAlt+R
Main UIEditable Polygon ObjectShrink Selection (Poly)Ctrl+PgDown, Ctrl+Down
Main UIEditable Polygon ObjectSoft Selection Toggle (Poly)Shift+B
Main UIEditable Spline ObjectRefine (Spline)Alt+Shift+1
Main UIFileNew SceneCtrl+N
Main UIFileOpen FileCtrl+O
Main UIFileSave FileCtrl+S
Main UIFileSave File AsCtrl+Shift+S
Main UIFileSave Incremental (+)Ctrl+Alt+S
Main UIGroupsGroup AttachCtrl+U
Main UILights and CamerasCreate Camera (Physical) From ViewCtrl+C, Alt+Shift+C
Main UILights and CamerasCreate Camera (Standard) From ViewCtrl+Alt+Shift+C
Main UIMAX ScriptMAXScript ListenerF11
Main UIModifier StackShow End ResultAlt+`
Main UIModifier StackSub-Object Level 11
Main UIModifier StackSub-Object Level 22
Main UIModifier StackSub-Object Level 33
Main UIModifier StackSub-Object Level 44
Main UIModifier StackSub-object Level 55
Main UIPolyToolsCircle LoopsAlt+Shift+3
Main UIPolyToolsGeo PolyAlt+Shift+4
Main UIPolyToolsInsert LoopAlt+3
Main UIPolyToolsPolyShift MoveAlt+4
Main UIPolyToolsSet FlowAlt+2
Main UIPolyToolsSpin EdgeAlt+5
Main UIPolyToolsStraighten LoopsAlt+Shift+2
Main UIPolyToolsSwift LoopAlt+1
Main UIProjection ModifierGeometry Selection Visibility ToggleAlt+G
Main UIQuad Menu SetsAnimation [Alt+RMB]Alt+RMB
Main UIQuad Menu SetsCustom [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+RMB]Ctrl+Alt+Shift+RMB
Main UIQuad Menu SetsCustom [Shift+Ctrl+RMB]Ctrl+Shift+RMB
Main UIQuad Menu SetsLighting | Render [Ctrl+Alt+RMB]Ctrl+Alt+RMB
Main UIQuad Menu SetsLockSpacebar
Main UIQuad Menu SetsModeling [Ctrl+RMB]Ctrl+RMB
Main UIQuad Menu SetsSnap [Shift+RMB]Shift+RMB
Main UIQuad Menu SetsViewportsV
Main UIQuad Menu SetsWindowsJ
Main UIRenderAdvanced Lighting Panel9
Main UIRenderCreate Animated Sequence File…Shift+V
Main UIRenderEnvironment Dialog Toggle8
Main UIRenderRenderShift+Q, Shift+F9
Main UIRenderRender LastF9
Main UIRenderRender SetUp…F10
Main UISelectionSelect AllCtrl+A
Main UISelectionSelect AncestorPgUp
Main UISelectionSelect By NameH
Main UISelectionSelect ChildPgDown
Main UISelectionSelect ChildrenShift+PgDown
Main UISelectionSelect InvertCtrl+I
Main UISelectionSelect NoneCtrl+D
Main UISelectionSelect SimilarCtrl+Shift+A
Main UISelectionSelection Lock ToggleCtrl+Shift+N
Main UISelectionSmart SelectQ
Main UISet Key ToolsAuto Key Mode ToggleN
Main UISet Key ToolsSet KeysK
Main UISnapsAngle Snap ToggleA
Main UISnapsCycle Active Snap TypeAlt+S
Main UISnapsEnable Axis Constraints in Snaps ToggleAlt+F3
Main UISnapsSnaps ToggleS
Main UITimeBackup Time One Unit,
Main UITimeForward Time One Unit.
Main UITimeGo to End FrameEnd
Main UITimeGo to Start FrameHome
Main UITimePlay Animation/
Main UIToolsAffect Pivot Only Mode ToggleInsert
Main UIToolsCenter Point CycleAlt+Shift+5
Main UIToolsCycle Selection MethodCtrl+F
Main UIToolsDisplay as See-Through ToggleAlt+X
Main UIToolsHide SelectionAlt+H
Main UIToolsHide UnselectedAlt+I
Main UIToolsIsolate SelectionAlt+Q
Main UIToolsIsolate Selection ToggleCtrl+Alt+Q
Main UIToolsKeyboard Shortcut Override ToggleCtrl+Alt+Shift+X
Main UIToolsLock User Interface Toggle 
Main UIToolsMaterial Editor ToggleM
Main UIToolsMaximize Viewport ToggleAlt+W
Main UIToolsPan ViewportI
Main UIToolsQuick AlignShift+A
Main UIToolsScale CycleCtrl+E
Main UIToolsSelect and MoveW
Main UIToolsSelect and RotateE
Main UIToolsShow Main Toolbar Toggle 
Main UIToolsShow Statistics Toggle7
Main UIToolsSmart PlaceY
Main UIToolsSmart ScaleR
Main UIToolsSound Toggle\
Main UIToolsSpacing ToolShift+I
Main UIToolsSub-object Selection ToggleCtrl+B
Main UIToolsTransform Gizmo Plane Constraint CycleF8
Main UIToolsTransform Gizmo Size Down
Main UIToolsTransform Gizmo Size Up=
Main UIToolsTransform Gizmo X ConstraintF5
Main UIToolsTransform Gizmo Y ConstraintF6
Main UIToolsTransform Gizmo Z ConstraintF7
Main UIToolsUnhide AllAlt+U
Main UIToolsViewport Lighting Illuminate with Default / Scene Lights ToggleCtrl+L
Main UIToolsViewport Safe Frames ToggleShift+F
Main UIToolsViewport Selection Shade Selected Faces ToggleF2
Main UIToolsViewport Selection Show Selection Bracket ToggleShift+J
Main UIToolsVirtual Viewport Pan DownNumPad 2
Main UIToolsVirtual Viewport Pan LeftNumPad 4
Main UIToolsVirtual Viewport Pan RightNumPad 6
Main UIToolsVirtual Viewport Pan UpNumPad 8
Main UIToolsVirtual Viewport ToggleNumPad /
Main UIToolsVirtual Viewport Zoom InNumPad +
Main UIToolsVirtual Viewport Zoom OutNumPad –
Main UIToolsWindow / Crossing ToggleShift+O
Main UIToolsZoom ExtentsCtrl+Alt+Z
Main UIToolsZoom Extents AllShift+Ctrl+Z
Main UIToolsZoom Extents SelectedZ
Main UIToolsZoom In 2XCtrl+Alt+Shift+Z
Main UIToolsZoom ModeAlt+Z
Main UIToolsZoom Region ModeCtrl+W
Main UIToolsZoom Viewport In[, Ctrl+=
Main UIToolsZoom Viewport Out], Ctrl+-
Main UITrack ViewAdd/Edit Parameters… (TV)Ctrl+1
Main UIUser InterfaceLaunch Global SearchX
Main UIViewport Lighting and ShadowsHigh QualityShift+F3
Main UIViewsAdaptive Degradation ToggleO
Main UIViewsCamera ViewC
Main UIViewsDisable ViewportCtrl+Shift+D
Main UIViewsExpert Mode ToggleCtrl+Alt+X
Main UIViewsFront ViewF
Main UIViewsHide Cameras ToggleShift+C
Main UIViewsHide Geometry ToggleShift+G
Main UIViewsHide Grids ToggleG
Main UIViewsHide Helpers ToggleShift+H
Main UIViewsHide Lights ToggleShift+L
Main UIViewsHide Particle Systems ToggleShift+P
Main UIViewsHide Shapes ToggleShift+S
Main UIViewsHide Space Warps ToggleShift+W
Main UIViewsHome ViewAlt+Home
Main UIViewsLeft ViewL
Main UIViewsOrbit View ModeCtrl+R
Main UIViewsOrthographic User ViewU
Main UIViewsPan ViewCtrl+P
Main UIViewsPerspective User ViewP
Main UIViewsRedo Viewport OperationShift+Y
Main UIViewsRedraw All Views`
Main UIViewsSelection/Preview Highlights ToggleAlt+J
Main UIViewsShow Floating DialogsCtrl+`
Main UIViewsSpot/Directional Light ViewShift+4
Main UIViewsTop ViewT
Main UIViewsUndo Viewport OperationShift+Z
Main UIViewsUpdate Background ImageAlt+Shift+Ctrl+B
Main UIViewsView Edged Faces ToggleF4
Main UIViewsViewport BackgroundAlt+B
Main UIViewsWalkThrough View ModeUp
Main UIViewsWireframe / Smooth+Highlights ToggleF3

Edit Hotkeys Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit

Edit MeshEdit Soft SelectionB
Edit NormalsBreak NormalsShift+R
Edit NormalsCopy NormalCtrl+C
Edit NormalsEdge Level3
Edit NormalsFace Level4
Edit NormalsMake ExplicitE
Edit NormalsNormal Level1
Edit NormalsObject Level5
Edit NormalsPaste NormalCtrl+V
Edit NormalsReset NormalsR
Edit NormalsSpecify NormalsS
Edit NormalsUnify NormalsU
Edit NormalsVertex Level2
Edit PatchEdit Soft SelectionB
Edit PolyAttachAlt+Shift+D
Edit PolyBevel ModeCtrl+Shift+B
Edit PolyBreakShift+R
Edit PolyCapAlt+P
Edit PolyChamfer ModeCtrl+Shift+C
Edit PolyCollapseCtrl+Alt+C
Edit PolyConnectShift+Ctrl+E
Edit PolyConstrain to EdgesShift+X
Edit PolyCutAlt+C
Edit PolyDetachCtrl+Alt+D
Edit PolyEdit Soft Selection ModeB
Edit PolyExtrude along Spline ModeCtrl+Alt+Shift+E
Edit PolyExtrude ModeShift+E
Edit PolyGrow SelectionCtrl+PgUp, Ctrl+Up
Edit PolyHideAlt+H
Edit PolyHide UnselectedAlt+I
Edit PolyIgnore Backfacing in SelectionsAlt+Shift+X
Edit PolyMake PlanarAlt+M
Edit PolyMeshSmoothCtrl+M
Edit PolyQuickslice ModeShift+Ctrl+Q
Edit PolyRepeat Last Operation;
Edit PolyShrink SelectionCtrl+PgDown, Ctrl+Down
Edit PolyTarget Weld ModeShift+Ctrl+W
Edit PolyUnhide AllAlt+U
Edit PolyUse Soft SelectionShift+B
Edit SplineEdit Soft SelectionB
Edit/Editable MeshAttach ModeAlt+Shift+D
Edit/Editable MeshBevel ModeCtrl+Shift+B
Edit/Editable MeshBreak VerticesShift+R
Edit/Editable MeshChamfer ModeCtrl+Shift+C
Edit/Editable MeshCollapseCtrl+Alt+C
Edit/Editable MeshCut ModeAlt+C
Edit/Editable MeshDetachCtrl+Alt+D
Edit/Editable MeshEdge TurnCtrl+T
Edit/Editable MeshEdit Soft SelectionB
Edit/Editable MeshExtrude ModeShift+E
Edit/Editable MeshHide SelectedAlt+H
Edit/Editable MeshIgnore Backfacing in SelectionsAlt+Shift+X
Edit/Editable MeshSoft SelectionShift+B
Edit/Editable MeshUnhide AllAlt+U
Edit/Editable MeshWeld SelectedAlt+Shift+W
Edit/Editable MeshWeld Target ModeShift+Ctrl+W
Editable PolyAttachAlt+Shift+D
Editable PolyBevel ModeCtrl+Shift+B
Editable PolyBreakShift+R
Editable PolyCapAlt+P
Editable PolyChamfer ModeCtrl+Shift+C
Editable PolyCollapseCtrl+Alt+C
Editable PolyConnectShift+Ctrl+E
Editable PolyConstrain to EdgesShift+X
Editable PolyCutAlt+C
Editable PolyDetachCtrl+Alt+D
Editable PolyEdit Soft Selection ModeB
Editable PolyExtrude along Spline ModeCtrl+Alt+Shift+E
Editable PolyExtrude ModeShift+E
Editable PolyGrow SelectionCtrl+PgUp, Ctrl+Up
Editable PolyHideAlt+H
Editable PolyHide UnselectedAlt+I
Editable PolyIgnore Backfacing in SelectionsAlt+Shift+X
Editable PolyMeshSmoothCtrl+M
Editable PolyQuickslice ModeShift+Ctrl+Q
Editable PolyRepeat Last Operation;
Editable PolyShrink SelectionCtrl+PgDown, Ctrl+Down
Editable PolyTarget Weld ModeShift+Ctrl+W
Editable PolyUnhide AllAlt+U
Editable PolyUse Soft SelectionShift+B
HSDSEdit Soft SelectionB
Mesh SelectEdit Soft SelectionB
MeshSmoothEdit Soft Selection ModeB
Patch SelectEdit Soft SelectionB
Poly SelectEdit Soft Selection ModeB
Projection ModifierEdit Soft SelectionB
Vol. SelectEdit Soft SelectionB

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit Schematic View Hotkeys

Schematic ViewAdd BookmarkB
Schematic ViewDisplay FloaterD
Schematic ViewFiltersAlt+F
Schematic ViewFree AllAlt+A
Schematic ViewFree SelectedAlt+S
Schematic ViewHide SelectedAlt+H
Schematic ViewInvert Selected NodesCtrl+I
Schematic ViewMove ChildrenAlt+C
Schematic ViewNext BookmarkRight
Schematic ViewPrevious BookmarkLeft
Schematic ViewRefresh ViewCtrl+U
Schematic ViewRename ObjectF2
Schematic ViewSelect All NodesCtrl+A
Schematic ViewSelect ChildrenShift+PgDown
Schematic ViewSelect NoneCtrl+D
Schematic ViewShow GridG
Schematic ViewToggle ShrinkShift+S
Schematic ViewUse Connect ToolC
Schematic ViewUse Pan ToolCtrl+P
Schematic ViewUse Select ToolQ
Schematic ViewUse Zoom Region ToolCtrl+W
Schematic ViewUse Zoom ToolAlt+Z
Schematic ViewZoom ExtentsCtrl+Alt+Z
Schematic ViewZoom Selected ExtentsZ

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit Track View Hotkeys

Track ViewAdd/Remove KeysK
Track ViewApply Ease CurveCtrl+E
Track ViewApply Multiplier CurveCtrl+M
Track ViewAssign ControllerC
Track ViewCopy ControllerCtrl+C
Track ViewExpand Object ToggleO
Track ViewExpand Track ToggleEnter, T
Track ViewFiltersAlt+F
Track ViewFrame Horizontal ExtentsCtrl+Alt+Z
Track ViewFrame Horizontal Extents KeysCtrl+Alt+Shift+Z
Track ViewLock SelectionCtrl+L
Track ViewLock Tangents ToggleL
Track ViewMake Controller UniqueU
Track ViewMove Highlight DownDown
Track ViewMove Highlight UpUp
Track ViewMove KeysM
Track ViewNudge Keys LeftLeft
Track ViewNudge Keys RightRight
Track ViewPanCtrl+P
Track ViewPaste ControllerCtrl+V
Track ViewRetime Move LeftCtrl+Left
Track ViewRetime Move RightCtrl+Right
Track ViewScroll DownCtrl+Down
Track ViewScroll UpCtrl+Up
Track ViewSelect AllCtrl+A
Track ViewSelect ChildrenShift+PgDown
Track ViewSelect InvertCtrl+I
Track ViewSelect NoneCtrl+D
Track ViewSnap FramesS
Track ViewZoomAlt+Z
Track ViewZoom RegionCtrl+W

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit UVW Unwrap Hotkeys

Unwrap UVWBreak Selected VerticesShift+R
Unwrap UVWCopyCtrl+C
Unwrap UVWDetach Edge VertsCtrl+Alt+D
Unwrap UVWEdit UVW’sCtrl+E
Unwrap UVWFilter Selected PolygonsAlt+F
Unwrap UVWFreeform ModeQ
Unwrap UVWFreeze SelectedCtrl+F
Unwrap UVWHide SelectedAlt+H
Unwrap UVWIgnore Back PolygonsAlt+Shit+X
Unwrap UVWLock selected verticesCtrl+L
Unwrap UVWPanCtrl+P
Unwrap UVWPasteCtrl+V
Unwrap UVWPlanar map faces/patchesEnter
Unwrap UVWRelax Brush Type CycleAlt+R
Unwrap UVWRotate -90Ctrl+Right
Unwrap UVWRotate +90Ctrl+Left
Unwrap UVWShow Seams In ViewportAlt+E
Unwrap UVWSnapS
Unwrap UVWSoft SelectionShift+B
Unwrap UVWTexture Vertex Contract SelectionCtrl+PgDown, Ctrl+Down
Unwrap UVWTexture Vertex Expand SelectionCtrl+PgUp, Ctrl+Up
Unwrap UVWTexture Vertex Move ModeW
Unwrap UVWTexture Vertex Rotate ModeE
Unwrap UVWTexture Vertex Scale ModeR
Unwrap UVWTexture Vertex Weld SelectedAlt+Shift+W
Unwrap UVWTexture VertexTarget WeldShift+Ctrl+W
Unwrap UVWUnfreeze AllCtrl+Shift+F
Unwrap UVWUnhide AllAlt+U
Unwrap UVWUnwrap OptionsO
Unwrap UVWUpdate MapU
Unwrap UVWUV Paint MovementAlt+4
Unwrap UVWZoomAlt+Z
Unwrap UVWZoom ExtentsCtrl+Alt+Z
Unwrap UVWZoom Extents SelectedZ
Unwrap UVWZoom RegionCtrl+W
Unwrap UVWZoom To GizmoShift+Spacebar

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit Material Editor and SME Hotkeys

Material EditorAssign Material to SelectionA
Material EditorGet MaterialO
Material EditorGo Backward to SiblingLeft
Material EditorGo Forward to SiblingRight
Material EditorGo to ParentUp
Material EditorMake PreviewF9
SMEAssign Material to SelectionA
SMEDelete SelectedDel
SMEHide Unused NodeslotsH
SMELay Out AllL
SMELay Out ChildrenC
SMEMaterial/Map BrowserO
SMEMove ChildrenAlt+C
SMEPan to SelectedAlt+P
SMEPan ToolCtrl+P
SMEParameter EditorP
SMESelect AllCtrl+A
SMESelect ChildrenShift+PgDown
SMESelect InvertCtrl+I
SMESelect NoneCtrl+D
SMESelect ToolQ
SMESelect TreeCtrl+T
SMEShow GridG
SMEUpdate Selected PreviewsU
SMEZoom ExtentsCtrl+Alt+Z
SMEZoom Extents SelectedZ
SMEZoom Region ToolCtrl+W
SMEZoom ToolAlt+Z

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit Biped Hotkeys

BipedCopy/Paste – CopyCtrl+C
BipedCopy/Paste – PasteCtrl+V
BipedCopy/Paste – Paste OppositeCtrl+Shift+V
BipedFix GraphsAlt+Ctrl+F
BipedMove All – CollapseAlt+M
BipedReset All Limb KeysAlt+K
BipedScale In TransformAlt+Ctrl+E
BipedSet Animation RangeAlt+R
BipedSet KeyK
BipedTrackbar – Toggle Biped KeysAlt+T
BipedTV Select end of footstepsAlt+D
BipedTV Select entire foostepAlt+S
BipedTV Select start of foostepsAlt+A

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit Hair Styling Hotkeys

Hair StylingAttenuateShift+Ctrl+A
Hair StylingBrushCtrl+B
Hair StylingBrush ClumpShift+Ctrl+4
Hair StylingBrush PuffShift+Ctrl+3
Hair StylingBrush RotateShift+Ctrl+5
Hair StylingBrush ScaleShift+Ctrl+6
Hair StylingBrush StandShift+Ctrl+2
Hair StylingBrush TranslateShift+Ctrl+1
Hair StylingClumpCtrl+M
Hair StylingCutAlt+C
Hair StylingExpand SelectionCtrl+PgUp, Ctrl+Up
Hair StylingGuideCtrl+2
Hair StylingHide SelectedAlt+H
Hair StylingIgnore BackAlt+Shift+X
Hair StylingInvert SelectionCtrl+I
Hair StylingLockCtrl+L
Hair StylingMerge HairgroupsShift+Ctrl+=
Hair StylingPop SelectedShift+Ctrl+P
Hair StylingPop ZerosizedShift+Ctrl+Z
Hair StylingPuffCtrl+P
Hair StylingRecombShift+Ctrl+M
Hair StylingReset RestShift+Ctrl+T
Hair StylingRootCtrl+4
Hair StylingRotateE
Hair StylingRotate SelectionShift+Ctrl+R
Hair StylingScaleR
Hair StylingSelectQ
Hair StylingShow HiddenAlt+U
Hair StylingSoft FalloffShift+Ctrl+F
Hair StylingSplit HairgroupsShift+Ctrl+-
Hair StylingStandCtrl+N
Hair StylingTipCtrl+1
Hair StylingToggle CollisionsShift+Ctrl+C
Hair StylingToggle HairsShift+Ctrl+I
Hair StylingTranslateCtrl+T
Hair StylingUndoCtrl+Z
Hair StylingUnlockCtrl+Shift+L
Hair StylingVertsCtrl+3

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit Particle Flow Hotkeys

Particle FlowClean Up Particle FlowAlt+Ctrl+P
Particle FlowCopy Selected In Particle ViewCtrl+C
Particle FlowOpen PFlow Preset Manager dialogAlt+Ctrl+M
Particle FlowParticle View Toggle6
Particle FlowPaste In Particle ViewCtrl+V
Particle FlowRepair PFlow Cache SystemAlt+Ctrl+C
Particle FlowReset Particle ViewAlt+Ctrl+R
Particle FlowSelect All In Particle ViewCtrl+A
Particle FlowSelected Particle Emission ToggleShift+;
Particle FlowSynchronize Particle Flow LayersAlt+Ctrl+L
Particle Flow ToolsCopy Selected In Data ViewCtrl+C
Particle Flow ToolsCut Selected In Data ViewCtrl+X
Particle Flow ToolsMove Selected Down In Data ViewS
Particle Flow ToolsMove Selected Down x10 In Data ViewShift+S
Particle Flow ToolsMove Selected Left In Data ViewA
Particle Flow ToolsMove Selected Left x10 In Data ViewShift+A
Particle Flow ToolsMove Selected Right In Data ViewD
Particle Flow ToolsMove Selected Right x10 In Data ViewShift+D
Particle Flow ToolsMove Selected Up In Data ViewW
Particle Flow ToolsMove Selected Up x10 In Data ViewShift+W
Particle Flow ToolsPaste In Data ViewCtrl+V
Particle Flow ToolsRename Suboperator In Data ViewF2
Particle Flow ToolsSelect All In Data ViewCtrl+A
Particle Flow ToolsSelect None In Data ViewCtrl+D

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit Steering Wheel, Viewcube, and Walkthrough Hotkeys

SteeringWheelsDecrease Walk SpeedShift+Ctrl+,
SteeringWheelsIncrease Walk SpeedShift+Ctrl+.
SteeringWheelsToggle SteeringWheelsShift+W
SteeringWheelsTour Building WheelShift+Ctrl+J
ViewCubeToggle ViewCube VisibilityAlt+Ctrl+V
WalkThroughAccelerate ToggleQ
WalkThroughBackS, Down
WalkThroughDecelerate ToggleZ
WalkThroughDecrease Step Size[
WalkThroughDownC, Shift+Down
WalkThroughForwardW, Up Arrow
WalkThroughIncrease Step Size]
WalkThroughLeftA, Left Arrow
WalkThroughLock Vertical RotationSpacebar
WalkThroughReset Step SizeAlt+[
WalkThroughRightD, Right Arrow
WalkThroughUpE, Shift+Up Arrow

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 64 Bit Misc Hotkeys

ActiveShadeDraw RegionD
ActiveShadeSelect ObjectQ
CrowdSolveS, F9
FFDSwitch To Control Point LevelAlt+Shift+C
FFDSwitch To Lattice LevelAlt+Shift+L
FFDSwitch To Set Volume LevelAlt+Shift+S
FFDSwitch To Top LevelAlt+Shift+T
NURBSCV Constrained Normal MoveAlt+N
NURBSCV Constrained U MoveAlt+U
NURBSCV Constrained V MoveAlt+V
NURBSDisplay CurvesShift+Ctrl+C
NURBSDisplay Shaded LatticeAlt+L
NURBSLock 2D SelectionCtrl+L
NURBSSelect Next in UCtrl+Right
NURBSSelect Next in VCtrl+Up
NURBSSelect Previous in UCtrl+Left
NURBSSelect Previous in VCtrl+Down
NURBSSelect Sub-Object By NameH
NURBSSet Tessellation Preset 1Alt+1
NURBSSet Tessellation Preset 2Alt+2
NURBSSet Tessellation Preset 3Alt+3
NURBSSoft SelectionShift+B
NURBSSwitch To Curve CV LevelAlt+Shift+Z
NURBSSwitch To Curve LevelAlt+Shift+C
NURBSSwitch To Imports LevelAlt+Shift+I
NURBSSwitch To Point LevelAlt+Shift+P
NURBSSwitch To Surface CV LevelAlt+Shift+V
NURBSSwitch To Surface LevelAlt+Shift+S
NURBSSwitch To Top LevelAlt+Shift+T
PhysiqueCopy EnvelopeCtrl+C
PhysiquePaste EnvelopeCtrl+V
PhysiqueReset EnvelopesCtrl+E
Reaction ManagerSet Max InfluenceCtrl+I
Reaction ManagerSet Min InfluenceAlt+I
Video PostExecute SequenceF9
Video PostNew SequenceCtrl+Shift+N
Video PostPanCtrl+P
Video PostZoom ExtentsCtrl+Alt+Z
Video PostZoom RegionCtrl+W
WeightTableSelect AllCtrl+A
WeightTableSelect InvertCtrl+I
WeightTableSelect NoneCtrl+D
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