AutoCAD Alternatives 10 برامج بديلة لبرنامج الأوتوكاد

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الأوتواكاد من أهم البرامج وأكثرها أنتشارًا بين المهندسين العاملين بمجالات التصميم المختلفة بتصميم أنظمة تكييف الهواء و أنظمة مكافحة الحريق و الصرف الصحي. بهذا المقال نوضج أهم AutoCAD alternatives

It’s not easy to find out which products are worth your time and which are not. Luckily I took the trouble for you! Here you will find my top 13 AutoCAD alternatives.

I chose these AutoCAD alternatives based on four criteria:

  • You can process the same file types as AutoCAD
  • Integration with AutoCAD itself is easily possible
  • They can be learned intuitively
  • The costs are limited

I’ve gone through our extensive list of CAD programs for engineers and reduced them to 13 options that fit all four criteria. The following list is arranged alphabetically.

1. BricsCAD

AutoCAD alternative wanted? The Top 13 CAD Programs - BricsCAD
The dashboard of BricsCAD

If you’ve already used AutoCAD, you’ll find the user interface of BricsCAD familiar. Apart from the ribbon, it is almost identical. The developer states that the software supports “hundreds” of third-party applications.

BricsCAD integrates with the cloud, recognizes XREFS, has a robust rendering engine and is extensively customizable. You’ll have nearly the same features as AutoCAD: 2D drawing (such as floor plans and engineering drawings) and 3D modeling in DWG format.

The only major drawback to BricsCAD V15 Pro is that dealing with the document management tool is quite difficult (but not impossible) to learn.

2. Chief Architect

Are you looking for a tool for building design and architecture? Chief Architect is a solid choice.

The software creates 3D models, engineering drawings, CAD details, and views for residential design projects.

AutoCAD alternative wanted? The Top 13 CAD Programs - Chief Architect
The dashboard of Chief Architect

Chief Architect is a good piece of software in this area, providing 3D visualization capabilities, interior design features, and intelligent architectural objects such as doors, windows, stairs, and roof styles. The learning curve is pretty steep, but you get so much money that it’s definitely worth the time you spend.

3. DesignCAD 3D Max v24

AutoCAD alternative wanted? The Top 13 CAD Programs - DesignCAD
The dashboard of DesignCAD

Are you looking for a CAD program that does not break your budget? Then DesignCAD is probably the best option. DesignCAD 3D Max v24 comes from the developers of TurboCAD and costs only 99 USD . The versatile tool should meet most of your needs for a CAD program.

The CAD software is easy to learn and ideal for 3D and 2D architectures. Users can add textures and hatchings and create photorealistic models (for example for  furniture ). You have over 10,000 icons to choose from and navigation is straightforward. DesignCAD is customizable and if you need help, you can reach the team for free by phone and email.

A weak point in DesignCAD is the compatibility. It is compatible with DWG and DXF files but does not support STL, DGN or SKP files. If you want to use your CAD program for 3D printing, you should look for an alternative.

4. DraftSight

AutoCAD alternative wanted? The Top 13 CAD Programs - DraftSight
The dashboard of DraftSight

If you’re looking for CAD software as a student or private person, DraftSight is your best option: it’s free! If you want to use the CAD program in a company, DraftSight offers two reasonable options: DraftSight Professional (for small and medium-sized businesses)  for € 319 and DraftSight Enterprise ( prices vary ).

DraftSight is a great option for 2D modeling, but it can not run LISP routines and does not provide express tools. For this, the program can save and open DXF and DWG files, print in batches and record macros, and it offers a large design library.

The free version of DraftSight offers only a few functions and can be used for quick calculations and drawings. However, if you decide to upgrade, DraftSight will be a real competitor to AutoCAD.

5. LibreCAD

LibreCAD is a particularly good option if you (a) are a Linux user and (b) are looking for a free CAD software that can handle DWG files. Also on Windows and OS X, the program runs smoothly.

The dashboard of LibreCAD

The two-dimensional open source CAD program not only reads DWG files (since 2015), but also exports SVG files. If you like open source software with a large user community, you’ve come to the right place.

User interface and operation are designed in the same way as in AutoCAD, so switching to this free open source CAD program should not be difficult.

6. Microstation PowerDraft

Bentley’s Microstation PowerDraft, with a cost of nearly $ 2,500, is a slightly more expensive option, but also a popular software for architects and engineers. You can create both traditional drawings as well as 2D and 3D hyper models.

The software supports numerous file formats including DWG, DGN, IFT, Esri and SHP. You can enhance your drawings with raster images, satellite imagery and other templates.

AutoCAD alternative wanted? The Top 13 CAD Programs - PowerDraft
The dashboard of PowerDraft

PowerDraft creates drawings, plans, and reports directly from 3D and BIM models. Although Microstation offers very good 3D capabilities, it is beaten when drawing 2D AutoCAD. Microstation can also process large files.

Of course, both giants of the CAD industry have their diehard fans and relentless critics!

7. nanoCAD

nanoCAD is a completely free AutoCAD alternative, and the full-featured nanoCAD Plus is only $ 180.

The dashboard of nanoCAD

When comparing nanoCAD with AutoCAD, there are some noteworthy differences. nanoCAD does not provide dynamic inputs, associative hatches, library objects with behavioral properties, or operations with solid 3D objects.

It offers many features that AutoCAD does not offer, including raster manipulations, an Excel-style spreadsheet editor, and a line type editor.

8. ProgeCAD

AutoCAD alternative wanted? The Top 13 CAD Programs - ProgeCAD
The dashboard of ProgeCAD

ProgeCAD is right for people who want AutoCAD but can not afford it. ProgeCAD costs $ 499 and has over 11,000 2D icons and an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface.

Want to create a new file with ProgeCAD? It is automatically saved in DWT format. CAD technicians can also save in DWG or DXF format, and all three file types can be synchronized with AutoCAD 2012.

Some critics say ProgeCAD is a direct copy of AutoCAD. In addition, it is difficult for the program to read 3D geometries because a proxy must be used.

9. SketchUp

The dashboard of SketchUp

SketchUp was previously called Google SketchUp and is a great option for CAD professionals . There is a basic version and upgrades ( SketchUp Pro costs 695 USD ). SketchUp is compatible with many file types (including DXF, DWG, FBX, OBJ, XSI and VRML) and can export graphics (including PDFs and HD animations).

SketchUp is known for its ease of use. The website assures, “If you want to be productive after just one day of training, you’re in the right place!”

SketchUp is a great tool, but it lacks some features. You can not use NURBS surfaces, texture files may only be named with less than eight characters, and there may be compatibility issues with importing graphics from other CAD programs. Also wall tools are not available.

10. Solidworks

Solidworks 3D CAD software is a popular option for 3D sketch artists who are looking for CAD programs with a variety of features for detailed design work. The software features “smart design tools” that allow you to quickly create detailed designs and check their completeness.

الأوتواكاد من أهم البرامج وأكثرها أنتشارًا بين المهندسين العاملين بمجالات التصميم المختلفة بتصميم أنظمة تكييف الهواء و أنظمة مكافحة الحريق و الصرف الصحي AutoCAD alternatives
The dashboard of Solidworks

Solidworks states that designers can quickly master 3D modeling with their software and build and market designs more efficiently.

Capterra reviewers praise the software for its intuitive ease-of-use and the many features available to you when designing every single detail.

11. TurboCAD Pro Platinum

الأوتواكاد من أهم البرامج وأكثرها أنتشارًا بين المهندسين العاملين بمجالات التصميم المختلفة بتصميم أنظمة تكييف الهواء و أنظمة مكافحة الحريق و الصرف الصحي AutoCAD alternatives
The Dashboard of TurboCAD

Although TurboCAD Pro Platinum, priced at $ 1,499, is a little more expensive than other AutoCAD alternatives, it does offer a full package with more features than AutoCAD 2014, including a smart dimensioning tool, 3D terrain modeling, and Ruby scripting.

TurboCAD is differentiated by AutoCAD 2014 with its additional 3D modeling capabilities: it’s ahead in creating detailed and intricate graphics.

This software giant has so many features that some users find it a bit difficult to learn. The support is not bad – you can reach it by e-mail or phone – but in the application itself, there is little help.

12. Vectorworks

الأوتواكاد من أهم البرامج وأكثرها أنتشارًا بين المهندسين العاملين بمجالات التصميم المختلفة بتصميم أنظمة تكييف الهواء و أنظمة مكافحة الحريق و الصرف الصحي AutoCAD alternatives
The dashboard of Vectorworks

Are you a BIM developer? Vectorworks is a direct AutoCAD competitor and particularly popular among Apple users. The setup and use of the program is straightforward. It enables OpenGL rendering, is fully compatible with DWF / DXF / DWG files and can easily exchange files with AutoCAD and Revit. Vectorworks is available for $ 2,945.

With Vectorworks you get the total package. In the intuitive program, you can move your BIM files without rendering again. Vectorworks 2014 and 2015 offer a sketch mode for simple and conceptual drawings.


Are you looking for a software that is reminiscent of AutoCAD but costs less? ZWCAD offers a similar user interface, is customizable and available from $ 599 (Classic version) .

AutoCAD alternative wanted? The Top 13 CAD Programs - ZWCAD
The dashboard of ZWCAD

ZWCAD 2017 provides features such as file comparisons, superhatch, tool palettes, and object isolation. The software is compatible with AutoCAD and supports the file formats DWG, DXF, DWT and DGN. The commands, linetypes, text styles, and hatch patterns are similar to AutoCAD.

Innovative features like SmartVoice, SmartMouse and SmartSelect make working with the tool easier. The 3D features are not as advanced as other CAD tools and currently the software is only available for Windows.

Are there any other great CAD programs?

Do you know awesome CAD software that I forgot? What use do you do yourself? If you’re using AutoCAD, why do you prefer it? Tell it in the comments!

Do you particularly like these AutoCAD alternatives or can not you stand them? No matter what moves you, tell us in the comments!

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